X/Y Automated Trimming – Save Time and Improve Production

Does trimming digitally printed images take up a large portion of your shop’s day? Is cutting rectangular or square prints one of the most time-consuming tasks in your workshop? If so, the machine we’re about to show you is the perfect solution to cut bottlenecks in your production. In this video, we’ll talk with Chase Pender from Supply55 about their line of XY Trimmers from Kala Systems and what applications they are most suited for.

Nick our Commercial Sales Manager is alongside Chase Pender from Supply55, a leading manufacturer and distributor of several workflow products for the signage and apparel markets.

Included in their product line are high-speed automatic XY Cutters. Chase will walk us through the three different KalaXY Trimmer models, their features, and accessories to help you decide which model best suits your application.

Kala manufactures three models of XY cutters, the KalaXY II, KalaXY Plus, and the KalaXY PRO.

Engineered and manufactured in Europe, KalaXY Trimmers are designed to significantly reduce labor and increase profits by eliminating the time-consuming task of manually cutting printed images or sheets. All models can process a broad range of films up to 65″ in width. Let’s look at a few materials we can cut with the KalaXY Cutters.

Kala designed three different models depending on the degree of accuracy, tolerance, and automation required in your operation.

Let’s start at the top with the KalaXY PRO. This is the top-of-the-line model in Kala’s product line, and it is an excellent complement to high-volume printers that have jobs that require precision accuracy. The machine features automatic telescope roll correction by following either a printed line or the edge of the material. When the sensor detects any variance, it will adjust the entire roll to ensure the print is always cut in the correct position, even with misalignment in the printed roll. This doesn’t just improve the accuracy of the machine. It allows the operator to focus on other tasks while the trimmer operates because they don’t have to worry about misalignment.

The KalaXY Plus is the middle-tier model. This machine does not feature automatic telescope roll correction but is still built for optimum precision. To compensate for telescoped rolls of material or any misalignment in the print, the KalaXY PLUS features on the fly Y blade adjustment. The operator can move the entire set of Y Blades left and right while cutting film. If the operator notices any variance in the Y blade due to a telescope in the roll or print misalignment, they can adjust the blades to correct the problem without stopping the machine. The PRO model also has this feature.

Lastly, Kala’s entry-level machine the KalaXY II. It is a perfect solution for cutting unprinted material to size and for print jobs that do not require as much precision. The difference between this machine and the other two models is it does not have automatic telescope roll correction or on the fly y blade adjustment. This means if the operator notices any variance in the print or telescope in the roll, they will have to stop the machine and adjust each Y blade individually.

Before we get into the different accessories for Kala cutters, let’s take a quick look at a few standard features across all of their models. You will notice when the machine detects a single or double-printed line, it will trigger the X blade to trim out the line. When three lines are printed and pass the X-mark sensor, it will bring the machine to a complete stop. Now the operator can quickly adjust the Y blades to the next print job. The operator can use the tape measure or the red jigs on the Y blade for quick and easy setup of the blades. All these features allow for seamless transitions between print jobs while using the same roll of material.

Next up is the dual rewinder system. This was designed for rewinding wallpaper onto a paper core, but it can be used for any material. Kala also builds a single shaft rewinder. It is an excellent solution for shops looking to do butt joint wallpaper applications or large pieces that must be on a paper core.

Kala also manufactures a reception table great for shops processing small or large format jobs. The height and angle of the table can easily be adjusted. It is also foldable, allowing for a smaller footprint and easy storage when not in use.

In this video, you will see Kala’s jumbo unwinder for heavy rolls featuring a KalaXY PRO trimmer and a custom air blast table system. (5:47 – 5:58 mark in video)

You might be wondering, can you add any of these accessories to a machine at a future date? Of course, each machine is designed so a rewinder, table, or jumbo unwinder can be installed at a future date!

To recap, we have the KalaXY II for someone who is entry-level, The KalaXY Plus for someone who is more advanced, and the KalaXY Pro for your high-production shops.


If a print shop were to purchase a KalaXY Trimmer from IT Supplies, how easy is it to implement it into their workflow? Is there much maintenance required?

All KalaXY models are supported by Onyx, SAI, Caldera, and other RIP software’s. Kala also offers onsite installation and training or virtual install and training, depending on the shop’s requirements. The machines require very minimal maintenance which can all be done by the operator. Kala uses self-sharpening blades that will last 100’s of thousands of cuts keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

Still have questions regarding X/Y Automated Trimming? Call 1-800-771-9665 and ask to talk to one of our commercial sales specialists.

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