Elevate Your Color with EPSON’s New SD-10 Handheld Spectrophotometer

When you think of color management, you probably think of names like X-Rite, Barbieri, and Konika Minolta. But did you know that there is a new player on the streetNext up, we’re going to introduce you to a low-cost handheld spectrophotometer from a major brand that is the talk of the town. 

When we mention EPSON, you think of Printers and projectors, but do you think of spectrophotometers?  Well, from this point forward you will! 

On September 1st, EPSON introduced a full featured handheld spectrophotometer that will make quick work of individual color measurements around your print room the SD-10 Spectrophotometer. This 7.6mm aperture is designed to take in enough information to measure everything from paper to fabric.

Here are some of the key features that you need to know:

  1. This is a full featured measurement device with M1, M2 & M3 illuminants to match the various illuminants of other brands.
  2. This unit is easy to use. Simply hit the power button, calibrate when prompted, and start measuring. This device will automatically create a delta e value for the last 2 readings.
  3. The SD10 is Bluetooth enabled to work alongside a computer or mobile app. Within the mobile app you can even create your own libraries or use the pre-existing pantone libraries to fine tune the precise colors for your print.
  4. Finally, The SD10 can work directly with Edge Print Software to directly measure and replace colors.

Let’s take a quick look at this device!

When you turn It on, the first thing the SD-10 does is prompt you to calibrate to it is internal calibration plaque mounted on the bottom of the Spectro. Simply slide this plaque over the measurement head to start calibrating – now press the circle button.

Once calibrated you are ready to measure. From a standalone perspective, this device will quickly measure the LAB value of a color by pressing the round button on top of the device. The easy-to-read display will show you the values and an outline image of the color you just measured. If you measure another color, the device will automatically show the delta e difference between the last 2 colors measured.

For more control, you can launch the mobile app and connect your device through Bluetooth. This easy-to-use app will let you scan color bars, create your own libraries, or use the pre-loaded Pantone libraries for comparisons.

We hope that this gives you some indication of just how powerful this little device is. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the price. Based on the competition, you might think that this spectrophotometer would run well over a thousand dollars, but no. It is only $899!

Please reach out to your IT Supplies sales team with any comments, questions or concerns. They will work with our internal color support specialists to answer any questions you may have.

Still have questions regarding EPSON Solutions?

Call 1-800-771-9665 and ask to talk to one of our commercial sales specialists or visit our website https://www.itsupplies.com.

IT Supplies is your single source solution for everything relating to the perfect print. We represent some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Our full lineup includes Eco Solvent, Latex, Flat Bed, and Aqueous printers by EPSON, HP, and Canon. We also carry a large selection of Dye-Sublimation and DTG Printers by both EPSON and HP. Visit us at www.itsupplies.com

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