General Formulations Announces the Launch of three new AutoMark™ Cast Films

SPARTA, MI — General Formulations, a leading manufacturer of Pressure Sensitive Films, is pleased to announce the launch of three NEW AutoMark™ Cast films; GF 830 AutoMark Cast with DRIFT® Technology and two complimentary cast laminates, GF 831 AutoMark Cast Gloss UV Laminate and GF 840 AutoMark Cast Matte UV Laminate.

Joining the cast family with already popular GF 242 OptiMark™ Cast Optically Clear UV Laminate, is GF 830 AutoMark Cast with DRIFT Technology. This premium full-body gloss white wrap film is designed to meet the long-term demands of full or partial vehicle wraps as well as many other graphic applications. The DRIFT Technology and adhesive combination offer the right amount of adhesive tack and Micro Air Egress channels that make application quick, easy, and bubble-free.

GF 830 AutoMark Cast provides an excellent white point, delivering the perfect solution for high-quality printing across Eco-Solvent, Solvent, Latex, and UV print systems. For your preferred finish, UV protection, and added durability, pair GF 830 with GF 242 or the NEW GF 831 or GF 840 cast laminates.

“We are extremely excited to announce the release of our AutoMark Cast films,” states Lisa Humrich, Vice President, Marketing & Product Development, General Formulations. “We can now offer multiple AutoMark Film products to fit all of our customers full or partial fleet and vehicle wrap needs.”

At IT Supplies we’re super excited about the newest Cast Vinyl on the block from General Formulations, the AutoMark 830 Cast with DRIFT Technology. This cast vinyl is going to make a big difference in the car wrap arena. Now Print Service Providers have another solid option when choosing a cast vinyl product to lead with when it comes to their clients cars, trucks, vans, specialty signage applications.

The material is a premium full-body gloss white cast wrap film. The DRIFT technology helps for a “breezy” installation by providing superior repositionability and “slidability.” DRIFT technology offers the right amount of adhesive tack with Micro Air Egress channels, and opaque grey adhesive allows for a quick and easy bubble-free application. This product will meet the long-term demands of full or partial fleet and vehicle wraps and other graphic installations demand with its 8-year rating. Outside of application features, the printability on the GF 830 AutoMark is top notch! The product’s white point is excellent, which gives it outstanding gamut capabilities to hit brand colors when matched up with the right ink set. Speaking of inks, the GF 830 is compatible with Eco Solvent, Latex, and UV inks.

Outside of the new GF 830 Printable AutoMark Vinyl. GF came out with two new Cast Laminates. The 831 Gloss AutoMark Clear UV Cast Laminate and the 840 AutoMark Matte Clear UV Cast Laminate. Both laminates provide excellent protection as well as protection from the harmful UV rays from the sun that can fade ink color and vibrancy over time.

You’ll find all the new General Formulation AutoMark Cast Products on our website. If you’d like to get a sample of this product or have more questions, please contact one of our Roll to Roll Commercial Sales Reps at 1-800-771-9665. We’d be happy to talk vinyl with you and get a sample in your hands!

Still have questions regarding the newest Cast Vinyl line from General Formulations? Call 1-800-771-9665 and ask to talk to one of our commercial sales specialists or visit our website

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