The Extended Gamut Podcast – Episode 5 with Leo Martinez from Key Print Co.

Episode 5 Featuring Special Guest Leo Martinez from Key Print Co.

Welcome to the fifth episode of The Extended Gamut Podcast! On this episode our hosts Jeff and Andy discuss the following questions:

00:00 – Introduction
01:40 – What is Key Print Co
02:40 – What was your first invention
03:30 – Tell us about Key Print Co’s suite of products
04:40 – How did Captain Platen come about
05:50 – Why did you choose Key Print Co for the name
06:50 – Do you have other places that you tried to innovate
07:25 – Patents run in your family
09:13 – Costs in acquiring a patent
09:43 – Did you ever have doubts in any of your product
10:49 – Would you rather…
11:18 – New Products – A camera system for measuring and centering
14:00 – OEM Relationships
16:35 – Manufacturing – Industrial Grade made in USA – Lifetime Warranty
19:10 – Summary

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