The Epson SureColor S40600 vs. S60600 vs. S80600 Solvent Printer Comparison

🖨 Let’s explore the Epson S-Series printers 🖨

Before we dive into the differences between the Epson S-Series printers, lets discuss the similarities. Each of the models is 64 inches wide and can print media down to 12 inches wide. They’re all front loading and can handle media up to 95 pounds. Each unit also comes standard with an automated take-up reel so you can keep your workspace organized. Aside from the bulk editions, they all use 700 milliliter inks. Another similarity is the ink technology and print quality. These Epson Eco-Solvent printers use precision core tfp printheads with variable droplet size technology with the smallest drop being 4.2 picoliters. This minimizes print grain and banding. It also helps it to print a max resolution of 1440 drops per inch with the lowest quality coming out at 720 by 360 dpi, which is still above the industry standard of 300 dpi.

Epson’s Eco-Solvent ink is greenguard gold certified so you can safely print things like wallpaper for hospitals and wraps for children’s toys. As far as RIP software is concerned, the S40, S60 and S80 all come with ONYX Gamma Print Pro in the box. But, the bulk ink versions, the S60 and S80 come with the ONYX Thrive 111.

The main differentiators in these printers are the colors they come with, and the speeds at which they print. These two factors will help you decide which will be the best for your shop & your target customers. Epson’s base model is the S40. This printer comes with a 4-color ink set, CMYK. It produces quality sellable banner at 215 sq ft per hour, and adhesive vinyl at 170 sq ft per hour. This makes the S40 perfect for entry level shops and low volume print shops who are looking for the latest technology, and great quality but don’t necessarily need the best of the best.

Like the S40, the S60 is a four-color printer. The thing that sets it apart is its dual printhead configuration. Giving you twice the printheads, twice the ink at nearly twice the speed. With the S60 you’ll be able to print quality banner at 550 sq ft per hour, and adhesive vinyl at 310 sq ft per hour.

Now let’s talk about the S80! The S80 comes with 10-ink channels, which gives you nine colors and an optional white or metallic silver ink. So, you get CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, Orange and Red. Depending on your needs, you can add in the metallic white or silver. If you’re not using either of those, you can put in a cleaning cartridge in its place so that you don’t waste any of that ink! This color configuration comes together to help you achieve a print gamut that includes 98.2% of the PANTONE library. This is the printer you want if you need to hit brand colors, spot colors, you want the option of white or metallic silver and you want photographic quality prints.

Two other configurations for this lineup include adding a GRAPHTEC Cutter to either the S40 or S60. Another configuration available is bulk ink. This is available on the S60 or S80. It takes your ink capacity from 700 milliliters to 1.5 Liters. Doing this not only gives you more ink, but it also helps reduce your ink cost. If you’re considering these printers & want some samples or have questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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