The EPSON SureLab D570 – Expand Your Business With This MiniLab Photo Printer

Introducing the Epson SureLab D570: Revolutionize Your Photo Printing Experience – Now Shipping!

This month Epson announced the SureLab D570 professional minilab photo printer, the latest addition to Epson’s line of high-quality photo printers. Offering photo lab quality printing in a lightweight and compact design, the SureLab D570 provides a versatile solution for printing brilliant small-format photos on demand. Be sure to watch our video below where Andy will outline where this brand-new printer fits in the Epson lineup and in the photo industry. 

The SureLab D570 minilab features the latest in professional imaging technology, coupling Epson’s advanced MicroPiezo AMC printhead with their vivid UltraChrome 6 color dye-based ink to consistently deliver crisp, vibrant pictures. These photo prints are delivered on 4×6 cut sheets in just 14 seconds a piece. Additional sizes will be available as perforated 4×6 sheets that can be divided in two for photo booth film strips or in 4 for wallet sized prints. The printer can input a stack of 100 sheets of photo paper at a time. Additionally it can automatically print double sided, a unique feature in the minilab world.  

The new Surelab D570 is ideal for event, hospitality, kiosk, and retail environments, allowing businesses to provide customers with the photos they want on demand, at virtually any time. With low power consumption, the printer is energy efficient enough to be powered by a portable battery. This low power usage and it’s lightweight and portable design make it ideal for easy on-site event printing. The new Epson SureLab D570 puts the mini in minilab. It is less than 12″ x 14″ x 6″ tall.  

In addition, the Surelab D570 has a brand new stackable design allowing businesses to scale and add more printers vertically to keep up with customer demand. Its connectivity with Epson Cloud Solution Port lets users monitor a fleet of D570’s whether they are stacked on top of each other or whether they are spread in locations across the world. 

The SureLab D570 features built-in wireless connectivity as well as simplified software for creating professional prints with either the minilab’s redesigned printer driver or a smartphone. One of the features we are most excited about is Epson allowing users to scan a QR code on the front panel of the printer to be direct connected via Wi-Fi so that they can print from their iPhone camera roll or other mobile apps.  

Priced under $1,000, if you’re looking for a versatile and reliable solution for printing high-quality small-format photos on demand, any time, any where, then look no further than the Epson SureLab D570 professional minilab photo printer.

If you’d like to learn more about this printer as we approach Epson’s ship date for the D570 please get in touch with our team at For more videos about the Surelab D570 subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you’re notified when we post new videos!  

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