Printing on Hats with Key Print Co.

Today’s video features Leo from Key Print Co. alongside Jeff, our General Manager at IT Supplies who will be discussing all things hats! They will go over the transportable Captain Platen & how to make your workflow as efficient as possible when printing on hats.

Captain Platen

The Captain Platen is the best hat platen you will ever own. With the Captain Platen you can print full color high detail prints on unconstructed hats with ease! Give your DTG machine the ability to print on hats with the Captain Platen. The Captain Platen was designed to help you never miss the mark with its guides that prevent misalignments and inconsistencies with your print. The benefits are unlimited! From its versatile loading mechanics that eliminates unproductive waiting time to its simplicity in function that allows even the most inexperienced printer to easily use. The premium quality of this product speaks for itself as it will prove to be your best tool in your arsenal.

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