Rainbow Holographic Vinyl by General Formulations

Rainbow Holographic Vinyl by General Formulations
Are you looking for something unique, flashy & eye-catching to offer your customers? Stick around and listen in as Nick discusses the all-new General Formulations Rainbow Holographic Film!

General Formulations announced this new product in April of 2022. The GF 765 Rainbow Holographic is a 6mil permanent clear adhesive film that adds a whole new dimension of color to graphics. Printable on Solvent, Latex and UV Curable inks, we find this product is a creative person’s dream media!

There are so many possibilities with this media. By getting clever with file design and ink density settings, you could produce incredible eye-catching graphics. It’s almost impossible not to look at a print when walking by your head snaps when your eye catches a glimpse of the holographic shiny colors that are shimmering off its surface. We think this product will be great for end users looking to produce stickers, decals, eye-catching POP signage and even labels if you’re looking for a product to produce holographic text.

When printing with this product, we tested a variety of different ink density settings to maximize the look or emphasize certain areas of the image. This can be done by simply increasing the density of the ink, using specific colors and even flooding certain areas with percentages of white ink like you see in the photo below. Just 10% of White Ink laid behind it completely blocks out the shine versus two percent, 5% or even 6% which cuts down the color minimally. If you’re in the market for a unique product, you must give GF 765 a shot! Give us a call and ask for one of our commercial sales reps for more information and pricing. This product is available and ready to ship!

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