Using 5 Layer Sandwich Mode in ONYX On the HP Latex 700W & 800W Printers

The new HP Latex 700W and 800W printers have 2 sandwich modes to cover the different applications’ needs, Sandwich 3 Layers (also known as 3L) for day and night applications, and Sandwich 5 Layers (also known as 5L) for dual side applications.

NOTE: The RIPs need to be updated to the latest version to be able to use this firmware.

Sandwich mode comes with two different applications, Dual Side and Day and Night. A Dual Side application allows an image to be viewed from both sides of the transparent media equally, while a Day and Night application is designed to be viewed from one side only, and it changes if it is backlit.

For a more in depth walk-through tutorial on how to utilize 5 Layer Sandwich Mode, be sure to watch the full video!

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