The Extended Gamut Podcast Episode 1

Tune in to the first official episode of “The Extended Gamut” podcast, featuring our hosts Jeff & Andy!
Print for a living? This podcast is for you!

The Extended Gamut is an educational podcast designed to go more in depth on printing related topics. It’s a way for us to get the knowledge we have gained to the most amount of people as quickly as possible in a way that is easy to consume.


ALL of the content is sourced directly from our customers and viewers. The unique thing about this is YOU DECIDE what topics we cover – there are no forced agendas- we talk about the topics you want and we answer the questions you have.

Below is a list of the questions Jeff & Andy will be answering on Episode 1:

  • Can HP Latex print on Heat Transfer Vinyl?
  • What’s the difference between the Epson SureColor F170 and F100?
  • Can I sublimate onto cotton shirts?
  • Is the HP PageWide XL Pro suitable for quality graphics printing?
  • Can I create ICC Profiles in Epson EdgePrint software?
  • I’m getting blurry transfers…why is this happening?

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